About Us


We're a locally owned and operated supplement store located in the south side of Edmonton. We're located in a beautiful location right next Goodlife fitness in Terwillegar. Our job is to provide you with the value while saving you time and hassle. We offer door to door delivery locally here in Edmonton! For those that aren't located in Edmonton, we're a full out online supplement store as well! 


Hey all! Thanks for stopping by, my names Isaac Baier. I am the founder of Ironedge Lifestyle! I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for years now. I worked my way up from a beginner athlete to an IFBB Classic Bodybuilding Pro. Now I’m taking my experience in and passion for this industry to the next level, as the owner of Ironedge Lifestyle.

 I’m excited to utilize my coaching experience and help you figure out the best way to reach your goal, whether it’s maintaining where you’re at, increasing your energy/focus, gaining weight/muscle, or losing weight etc. I have been a commercial red seal journey plumber for 10+ years but my passion for coaching and the fitness lifestyle is just too strong to ignore anymore.

Stop by the store or shop online! Either way, thank you for stopping by the Ironedge Lifestyle.

-Isaac Baier